User Centric Design - imacoder Computer Solutions

Give your users the best experience

Usability is vital in the ‘throw-away’ age of the internet. If your site is not designed to be user friendly, it will be overlooked in favour of a competitor with more usable site.

By working closely with you we gain a good understanding of your users and their expectations of your site. From the initial concepts we design our sites around the actions and expectations of the user. This includes intuitive navigation placement and ensuring that items such as a search field are above the fold. By meeting these expectations we ensure that their focus is on you and your product rather than navigating the site.

Our designs are created to give fast access to the information in your site. This is achieved with creative use of negative space and fast loading pages. Slick, fast loading pages are still a key element to giving your users the best experience, despite the rise of high speed broadband.

As part of a usable and accessible design the legibility of the text is crucial. When designing the text sections of your site we consider many factors such as line length, line spacing, contrast, and font size. By combining a scanable line length with good contrast between foreground & background and scalable medium font size we design text to be as user friendly as possible.

By making sure the site branding and navigation is consistent throughout the site we grantee that where ever in the site the user lands, they will know where they are and how to get around. Our designs incorporate clear calls to action to ensure the best conversion rates for your site.